Sustainability Consultation for hospitality by Forisca

There is gold in being Green.

Embracing sustainability encompasses more than just environmental concerns; it includes the often overlooked pillars of 'economic' and 'social' elements. At Forisca, we offer a comprehensive sustainability consultation that delves into these three crucial facets. Our service encompasses a holistic audit, a detailed report card, specialised training modules, and a strategic roadmap for the future. We pride ourselves on delivering solutions that are frugal, resource-efficient and impactful. These initiatives not only assist your organisation in meeting its sustainability objectives but also positively influence the bottom line of your business. We understand that the economic viability of any sustainability project is fundamental to its success. That's why our approach revolves around a ROI perspective, crafted from our wealth of on-ground experiences, learnings, and successful endeavours. Transform your future with our results-oriented methodology, rooted in real-world experiences and designed to drive meaningful change.

Meet our Consultants

Nachi and Shiv, the visionary co-founders of Forisca, extend their dedicated expertise to curate a bespoke service tailored specifically for your property or group. Their commitment to excellence ensures a refined and personalised approach, crafted to meet your unique needs and elevate your brand's pedigree.

Nachiketa Tuteja

Nachi is a seasoned hospitality professional with over 12 years of extensive experience across 12 countries. His niche expertise lies in pioneering sustainability initiatives within the hospitality sector.

Previously, Nachi led the sustainability efforts for a prominent global hotel company, Six Senses, where his leadership resulted in remarkable achievements. Notably, with him at the helm of affairs, the Six Senses resort in Oman successfully accomplished an outstanding 80% reduction in waste within just 12 months, among other achievements.

With an insider's perspective gained from more than a decade in the hospitality industry, Nachiketa brings valuable insights to the table. His wealth of experience allows him to identify both immediate impactful measures (‘low-hanging fruits’) and articulate long-term projections for sustainable practices.

Shiv Gangwani

With a Master's in Business Administration under his belt, Shiv embarked on a groundbreaking journey by co-founding Forisca—a brand dedicated to revolutionising guest supplies and bath amenities within the hospitality industry.

Shiv's primary forte lies in spearheading the development of innovative products through streamlined and cost-effective production processes. His expertise revolves around identifying challenges and delivering practical, budget-friendly solutions. Leveraging his profound business and industrial background, Shiv possesses a unique ability to perceive what most overlook. This skill empowers him to construct products and processes from the ground up, and this has significantly enhanced the lives of many who use his many creations.